Digital Culture Summer Institute

The Digital Culture Summer Institute is a three week summer camp that aims to deliver parts of our Digital Culture undergraduate curriculum to middle and high-school students in an intensive hands-on learning experience.  


Much of the curriculum for this camp was originally designed and tested in the DC3 research project (Digital Culture Creative Classrooms) designed by myself and Loren Olso in our "Learning Environments" research group in the school of Arts Media & Engineering (AME).

Are you interested in 3D design and 3D printing? Digital music? Making games? Using technology to be creative? Love both art AND engineering? Come this June and join faculty and graduate students from ASU’s Digital Culture program to engage both your artistic and technical sides in a series of short, project-focused modules ranging from producing digital music to coding for games to 3D printing and projection mapping. Low student to staff ratios make this camp engaging and with lots of individualized attention. Access to state-of-the-art technology like new Macbooks with tons of professional media software and a fully equipped fabrication lab makes this unique camp an experience for future makers, artists, entrepreneurs, and engineers.

Here are the modules we teach in the DCSI:

Digital Music

Learn fundamentals of digital music theory and learn to use professional Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), midi controllers, and iPad apps to be musically expressive and create your own digital music compositions.

Digital Fabrication

Learn what goes into the process of digital fabrication: experiment with 3D design, 3D printing, laser cutting in a state-of-the-art fabrication lab with modern industry standard software.

How to Code for Games

Never done any programming or coding before but always wanted to try? Get introduced to basic programming concepts and use code for visual media and your very own mini-game.

Experimental Musical Instruments

The ultimate applied knowledge of arts and technology fusion - learn the fundamentals of digital music theory and sound, then learn about beginning circuits and conductivity with the the MaKey MaKey. Combine these skills to imagine and implement an innovative new musical object or sound experience of your own.

Making Games

Learn to use professional industry software for 2D and 3D games (Unity) and make your own game!

Interactive Media

How do we engage with media, community, and the arts in a modern, connected, and transdisciplinary 21st century? Experiment with and learn about interactive media and modern digital art. Study creative media editing and user experience design. Write basic software, set up tangible experiences like projection mapping, and create interactive media experiences.