Ansbach Interactive Media

I taught a 3 day seminar at Ansbach University in Germany and these guys created something quite good! Here is a piece by Jan Kreusel, Hannes Böck and Phillip Rommel.


Ruokun Chen MFA thesis exhibition

I advised Ruokun as he worked through the "Digital Technology" concentration at AME via the MFA program. His thesis show came together quite nicely.


60 Laptops

This video documents an exercise we did in my 294 "Introduction to Interactive Environments" course. The assignment is to create code that uses the laptops webcam as a motion detector, which drives the playback of a full-screen audiovisual element. All 60 students set up these laptops in various configurations as we all played in the environment.


Digital Culture Creative Classrooms Exhibition

Exhibition of work done by my DC3 students, high school students from the Herberger Young Scholars Academy


Collective Constraints Exhibition

An exhibition of my student's work in my AME494/598 course "Media Installations".


Digital Culture Showcase, Spring 2014

This video documents my student's work in the Digital Culture end of semester Showcase event.